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Model Railway Baseboards Any size board built for any scale model railway

With our layout boards available from just £39, we can supply you with a board specification that will be perfect for your needs.

You will need a board for your layout or diorama which is made for your purpose & isn’t too flimsy if you are putting a lot of weight on it or isn’t built like a chieftain tank if you want it portable & it’s often transported from A to B.  

To keep it simple, let’s break the boards down into three parts - the frame, the top & the legs.

The Frame

Timber for the frames is available in two different sizes - 20mm x 45mm & 20mm x 70mm. All our frames are braced at around 300mm intervals unless specified by the customer to be different. To assist with wire running under the board, ‘wire slots’ can be machined into the cross bracing where required.

The Top

Plywood tops are available in a thickness of two different sizes - 5mm & 9mm.

The Legs

If your layout needs legs, we offer two types - the fixed legs (which are bolted to the board by 2 bolts)& the folding legs which are attached to the board & fold right up inside the board. All types of legs will always use the 20mm x 70mm frame. Leg height adjusters can be fitted where required, this keeps the board level on an uneven floor.

The fixed legs height is a standard 900mm. Folding legs will come at that height too as long as there is enough board length to accommodate them when folded up inside the underneath of the board. If you require different heights, please specify your choice when enquiring.


All flat boards (non multi level) are from £7 per square (or part of) 300mm, regardless of frame timber.

Fixed legs are £20 per board end & folding legs are £45 per board end, at 900mm high. Please add £5 per end for legs other than 900mm in height. Leg height adjusters can be added if required for £5 per leg (£10 per board end).

Minimum cost per board, regardless of size & before legs are added is £39.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote on any style or combination of model railway baseboard - our details are all on the ‘contact’ page.

We deliver to any part of the Mainland UK, please let us have

 your postcode for a quote